Sermons from 2016

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“Glory Among Us” – Sunday, Devember 18, 2016 – Rev. Carol Dougherty-Steptoe

FOURTH SUNDAY IN ADVENT Prayer of Confession We are coming unraveled, O God, pulled apart from every angle, because we have each chosen our own way, forgetting the common good; the universal good, Your true good.  We are in need of a way back from the messes we make for ourselves.  Come Lord Jesus, forgive […]

“Make A U Turn – Part 2” – Sunday, December 11, 2016 – Rev. Dr. Mark L. Chapman

THIRD SUNDAY IN ADVENT Prayer of Confession Each of us, Lord, is unique.  We exhibit differing personalities, differing tastes, talents, and appearances.  We also exhibit differing weaknesses, sins, and degrees of waywardness, yet none of us has anything to boast about, and all of us fall short of God’s glory.  Forgive us, we pray, in […]

“Peace and Power” – Sunday, October 23 2016 – Rev. Raquel Gill

DEACON’S DAY The Prayer of Confession Great and gracious God, for apathy, for meanness, for boredom, for pride, foe judgment, for dismissal.  For all those ways we hurt you by hurting each other and ourselves, forgive us.  Turn us around to you; heal us, and make us whole.  In the blessed Name of Jesus we […]