Sermons from June 2016

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“Stay Focused” – Sunday, June 12, 2013 – Rev. Dr. Mark L. Chapman

The Prayer of Confession Merciful and loving God, when we are ungrateful, remind us of your grace.  When we are oblivious, open our eyes.  When we are harsh, gentle our spirit.  When we are apathetic, show us your suffering children.  When we demean ourselves, whisper that we are created in your image.  When we lose […]

“Love Never Ends” – Sunday, June 5, 2013 – Minister Olivia Hines-Latty

The Prayer of Confession Great and gracious God, for apathy, for meanness, for boredom, and pride for judgment for dismissal, for all those ways we hurt You by hurting each other and ourselves forgive us.  Turn us around to you, heal us, and make us whole.  In the Name of Jesus we pray.  Amen The […]