Meet Our Staff

Minister V. Olivia Hines Latty

Assistant to the Pastor



Brother Hale B. Thompson

CEO Birdco Productions

Came to Hollis Presbyterian Church in 2008 as the Minister of Music.

Hale has numerous affiliations such as: Vice President/Scholarship Chairman B Sharp, L.I. Branch; National Association of Negro Musicians, Vice Chairman; Board of Director Major Music International Corp and CEO Birdco Productions.

Brother Anthony Bennett

Gospel Choir Director


Deacon David Brown



Elder Cynthia Shephard

Clerk of Session

Elder George Cameron


Ms. Edith Brown


Edith Brown came to the Hollis Presbyterian Church in 1995 to work on what was to be a temporary basis.  Seventeen years later she is still here serving the Lord, the Hollis Congregation and it’s Pastor.  Ms.Brown attributes this long and loving relationship to the grace of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hopeton Shaw

Church Sexton

Mr. Hopeton Shaw came to work at the Hollis Presbyterian Church as our Sexton in January, 2000. It’s interesting to note that our former Pastor Rev. Robina Winbush chose “Hope” as her theme for that year. Shortly after, she hired Hopeton without realizing the significance of his name.